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Dental Consultation

At Tamhankar Dental, we understand that each patient that contacts us has a unique set of needs and concerns which makes Dental Consultation the foundation to doctor-patient relationship. There is nothing more rewarding for the team at Tamhankar Dental than to help patients determine their dental goals and to provide them a customised treatment plan to meet their objectives.

Let us help you understand what to expect at your Dental Consultation visit.

Paperwork: This includes your name, contact & other details as well as your dental & medical history.
Dental Examination: There will be a thorough examination of the oral cavity where in your dental concerns will be understood and the current dental condition will be noted.
X-Rays: Next, appropriate X-rays will be recommended based on the findings of the examination. Formulating a Treatment Plan: This is the step where your dental concerns are correlated to the examination and x-rays; and our team will formulate the best possible treatment plan to help you with your dental concerns.

Once the Dental Consultation is completed, your treatment will be started either on the next visit or the same visit after a signed consent.

You will also be prescribed appropriate medication if needed.
At Tamhankar Dental we recommend a Dental Consultation once every 6 months to ensure optimum oral health.