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Emergency Dental Services

Single visit root canal at Tamhankar Dental

Dental treatment is generally a planned procedure with a prescheduled appointment. However there can be instances when you need to seek immediate dental care to relieve severe pain and to prevent further damage. Here are some instances that would require an emergency visit to your dentist.
SEVERE PAIN: Excruciating dental pain may keep you awake for nights. In such cases, it is best to visit us right away to identify the exact cause of pain and to start dental treatment as soon as possible to provide relief.
INFECTION & SWELLING: Ignored dental problems can lead to complications like pus formation around the tooth that may run deep into the gum tissue & the underlying bone.This can result in a swelling inside or outside the mouth. If this happens, consult us right away to have it examined and treated on time.
EXCESSIVE BLEEDING: Bleeding in or around the mouth can be caused by an injury to the tooth, gums, tongue, lips or cheeks; or rarely as a complication of a traumatic tooth extraction. In such cases, ice application or a cold compress to the affected area will help control the bleeding. But if that does not work, do visit us right away, as you may require to undergo a procedure like putting a medicament, stitching or cauterising the area to stop bleeding.
TOOTH FRACTURE: A tooth may fracture due to an accidental fall, a fight or a sports injury. In most cases, it is possible to save your natural tooth as long as you pay is a visit immediately, along with the broken piece of your tooth. If reattachment of the broken piece is not possible, we will cover the exposed part of your tooth with a protective material to prevent further damage. Aesthetic composite material will help restore your tooth and your smile by giving it a completely natural look.
KNOCKED OUT/FALLEN TOOTH: Due to accident or an injury, a tooth can get knocked out or fall off in its entirety along with the root. But it does necessarily mean it’s lost for good. Appropriate emergency care can save your natural tooth to it can be replanted successfully and may last for years.

Here are some precautions that you need to take before visiting us:

  • Look for the tooth that has fallen off.
  • Gently hold it by the crown (the top portion of the tooth visible in the mouth) and never by the root.
  • Carefully rinse the tooth with water. Do not scrub.
  • The best way to preserve the tooth is to gently put it in its socket (area from where it has come out) in the mouth.
  • If that is not possible you can hold the tooth in the cheek area of your mouth. Alternatively, place the tooth in a small container of milk or saline contact lens solution.
  • Visiting us within the 1st hour after the incident will increase the chances of saving your tooth by reimplantation.

  • LOST FILLING OR CROWN: A lost filling should be replaced or redone as soon as possible as it leaves your tooth exposed, which may lead to sensitivity and further damage to the tooth. A crown or bridge that has come out should be refitted soon so that your teeth are not exposed, leaving them vulnerable to infection and damage. If destruction to either the tooth or crown/bridge is observed, an alternative treatment will be suggested by us.
    JAW DISLOCATION: Jaw dislocation can happen when you open your mouth too wide, like during yawning, taking a bite of something, during a dental procedure or even due to trauma to the face. A dislocated jaw can be relieved by us through a specific manoeuver.

    JAW FRACTURE: A fractured jaw may be a result of an accident, assault, sport’s injury or a fall.

    It can cause complications like:-
    • Jaw & tooth pain
    • Inability to open or close the mouth
    • Bleeding and swelling
    • Numbness
    • Teeth not filling well together
    • Loose or missing teeth
    • Speaking and swallowing issues
    • Bruising of the face and tongue

    Jaw fractures require urgent dental and medical attention and intervention.
    OBJECT STUCK IN BETWEEN TEETH: A foreign object stuck between teeth may lead to intense pain and even injury to the gums.

    If a dental floss or a toothbrush is not helpful in removing the object, please contact us and seek help.