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Root Canal

Single visit root canal at Tamhankar Dental

At TAMHANKAR DENTAL, every attempt is made to save the natural tooth. Having a root canal done on a tooth is the treatment of choice to save a tooth that otherwise would die and have to be removed. We use the latest and the most sophisticated techniques and equipment to make the root canal treatment painless, faster and predictable. These include:
1. Single visit root canal treatment, unless contraindicated- saves the patient’s valuable time.
2. Laser- enhances disinfection of the canal and optimal reduction of bacteria.
3. Digital x-ray unit-lessens radiation exposure and ensures better and quick images within seconds.
4. Rotary endodontic unit- ensures better and faster cleaning and shaping.
5. Electronic apex locator- measures the exact root length electronically.
6. Loupes- provides a magnified image.

A root canal treatment may be needed in the following cases:
1. Decay involving the nerve of the tooth.
2. Trauma leading to a crack or fracture involving the nerve and discoloration of the tooth.
3. Slightly shaky teeth in conjugation with gum surgery
4. Elective: for aesthetic reasons.

During the treatment, the infected nerve is removed and the space is carefully cleaned and shaped. It is then filled with an inert material and sealed permanently. Additional reinforcement may be need with the help of posts. All root canal treated teeth require crowns. Re-treatment, if required is also performed confidently and successfully.