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Smile Makeover


➤ A beautiful smile can change your life !

Are you conscious about your smile?
Are stained, chipped, crooked, missing, protruding teeth eroding your self-confidence?
Do you desire a smile that lights up your face and boosts your self-confidence?
If yes, then u need a cosmetic makeover that enhances your smile & rejuvenates your self confidence; because a dazzling smile can make a memorable 1st impression that can change your life!!

Cosmetic Smile Makeover can include a combination of the following procedures:
✔ Instant teeth whitening.
✔ Reconstructing of teeth & gums.
✔ Cosmetic/ tooth colored fillings to cover surface defects or close gaps.
✔ Porcelain veneers or composite laminates.
✔ Aesthetic full ceramic crowns.
✔ De pigmentation of gums.